Reservations can be made via e-mail or telephone. To secure your booking we require a 30% deposit. Please use the below bank details when making your payment.

  • Bank account number (PLN):
    PL 13 1050 1764 1000 0092 1548 3463
  • Bank account number (EUR):
    PL 56 1050 1764 1000 0092 1548 3950

Please read the terms of stay - on this page you will find the most important information about the rules of relaxation in Plattówka, as well as an additional offer: Conditions of the stay

All personal data provided in the form will be used only for contact and/or booking of stay, and then will be destroyed. No data will be transferred to other entities. The administrator of the data is Anna Platte.

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Latitude: 53.556352
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Conditions of the stay

Welcome to an important place for us, which we provide for your stay, so that you can, like us, admire the nature of Masuria, less known, but full of virgin nature and nature conducive to peaceful rest.

We have provided accommodation in Gierzwałd, in a holiday home and in our private home for more than twenty years to people who value cooking based on organic products from our farm, and who also bought in the vicinity of producers known to us. Small training groups have a workshop and a conference room and a winter garden for coffee.

To make your stay a pleasant memory for you and for us, and to join the growing number of returning guests, for whom we always prepare a special surprise, we remind you of several rules related to the stay at our farm.

Most of them are included in all prepared promotional materials, and some refer to the technical aspect of using the accommodation, so follow our suggestions. As a rule, these are the ideas of the guests themselves, who in this way contribute to improving the quality of services in "Plattówka".

If you disagree with any of the points, give me a reason, and perhaps together we will find a better solution to make your stay pleasant and take you back to "Plattówka".

Please follow the suggestions below:

  • In "Plattówka" there is a total ban on smoking in rooms and buildings. There is a designated place for smokers.
  • The payment of the stay is made on the day of arrival at the accommodation unit.
  • The reservation is made after the initial payment of 30%.
  • Any damage caused during the stay, our guest is obliged to compensate financially before departure.
  • Thanks to our dear dogs and cats, our guests rest without their pets.
  • Do not feed the animals outside the designated time for it and without our participation.
  • The ventilation of the rooms is done by opening the windows in which mosquito nets are mounted.
  • We offer shared meal times: breakfast at 9.00, dinner at 14.00. At the request of the guests, we adapt the meal service hours to their travel plans or special diets.
  • At any convenient time, it is possible to prepare hot drinks on your own, in properly equipped places; Do not install your own heaters and kettles in the rooms.
  • At the request of guests and for an additional fee, we will help organize canoeing, sleigh rides, excursions, airport or station pick-up.
  • If you rent a bicycle for long trips, inform the day before to verify its technical condition.
  • We will be happy to prepare a special dish or a festive meal for the birthday boy and the birthday party, as well as to highlight important events for you.
  • The rooms have packages of promotional materials about the region that are completely at your disposal.
  • On the farm you can buy volumes of poetry and other publications, scarves, scarves and ties painted in silk in person by the owner of Plattówka.
  • On the farm you can buy homemade canned fruits and vegetables, as well as order winter supplies or stay longer outside Plattówka.
  • We cordially invite you to take advantage of all the nearby attractions, which you can learn from the publications at your disposal, as well as to participate in our bonfires and joint competitions. We would appreciate suggesting other ways to make your rest more pleasant.

Anna and Arnau wish you a pleasant stay and pleasant memories.

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